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This is Google for Startups’ first virtual Startup School program in Portugal. A guided virtual training to equip early-stage startup founders with the tools, products, and knowledge that growing companies need. The five-week program provides education on growth, tech, and product, covering setting OKRs, making technical hires, preparing a data pipeline, and getting started with Google Ads.

When: April 8th, 3pm

Language: Portuguese


Remote working had been a dream for many of us for years, and then a hard reality for some since last year. But what does it mean to manage your startup remotely? How do you ensure your company values are transferred to new hires? How do you create a strong flow of communication across teams?

During this session, Fabiana Clemente, Co-founder and Chief Data Officer of Y-Data, a portuguese based startup, will share insights about their experience. Join us to hear from her about the pros and cons of working remotely and the lessons they have learned along the way. 

Fabiana is a Data Scientist with a background that ranges from Business Intelligence to Big Data Development and IoT architecture. Throughout her professional career, she has been leading state-of-the-art projects not only in global companies but also in startups. Has an academic background in Applied Maths and MSc in Data Management combined with nano degrees in Deep Learning and Secure and Private AI. As YData’s Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer, she combines Data Privacy with Deep Learning as her main field of work and research, with the mission to improve data quality.

Who should attend

If you are a startup founder, a startup employee, or a person interested into the startup ecosystem and would like to learn about local startups and their best practices, this program is for you.

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