Campus Residency: Application

Welcome Founders !

We’re excited by your interest in applying for our first Campus Warsaw Residency Program!

If you haven’t done so already, PLEASE CLICK HERE to review the criteria for the program to ensure that it is right for your current needs as a startup.

This application form should take you around 30 - 60 minutes, and you must complete it in full as once you’ve started the process, your information cannot be saved for input at a later time.  

In the application, you will be asked to submit at least two videos: 1) introducing your company and your product or service (max 2 minutes); and 2) introducing your founders (1 minute per founder).  Please prepare these and scan the rest of the questions to see if you need to gather additional information before starting the application.

During Campus Residency, our goal is to foster a community of risk takers and technologists creating startups that are:

 - Building a unique, disruptive, and scalable product or service;
 - Solving a relevant problem and seizing a high impact opportunity; 
 - Demonstrating traction and market demand;
 - Composed of a diverse group of talented and passionate team members;
 - Committed at the executive level to attend sessions on site and ideally base your team at Campus Warsaw from June to December;
 - Willing to give back by contributing a portion of their time back to our community.


If this sounds like your startup, we can’t wait to read your application!


Application is open to all of our members in any CEE market, and registration will be open until April 11th, 2017 at 23:59 CEST.  Candidate startups will be submitted for review by an evaluation committee and may be contacted for online or in-person interviews by a final selection committee.  Interviews will take place between April 19th - April 27th.  If your startup is accepted to the program, we’ll let you know by May 8th.

Good luck!

The Campus Warsaw Team

Campus Member Information

You need to be a member of Campus to participate in this program. If you're not already a member, visit to sign up for free!