Campus Startup School: Launchpad Start

Thank you for your interest in Campus Startup School: Launchpad Start, running from Monday, April 24th - Friday, 28th.

You can apply until Sunday 9th April 23:30 CEST!

  • - If selected from this application, you are required to attend a short online interview
  • - If selected to attend the program, you will be informed on Monday 28th November
  • - You MUST be able to attend the ENTIRE EVENT with a minimum of 2 key decision makers from your team (e.g. CEO and CTO)
  • - At least one attendee of the entire week must be a developer
  • - You may attend with up to 5 total team members (no more!)

Google Launchpad Start is a one-week hyper-accelerator for early stage startups focused on critical startup topics: product strategy and business development, user experience and user interface, technology, marketing and presentation skills.

The goal is to achieve rapid acceleration of your company in 5 days.
Oh yeah, and it's free!*
You will have intensive 1:1 mentorship sessions with a hand selected group of top-experts.

These mentors will help you evaluate, validate and process all aspects of your business. Each mentor attending will dedicate their time to helping you with your startup from where you are now, and help you drive towards where you want to be.

Also, if you're in an accelerator right now, that's great!

This event was not designed to compete with accelerator/incubator programs so much as compliment them, so feel free to apply.
Some impressions of our Google Launchpad Berlin are in this video.

*Please note that lunch and refreshments will be provided the whole event. Accommodation and travel are the startups responsibility.

Event Topics By Day:

  • - Monday - Product Day
  • - Tuesday - Design Day
  • - Wednesday - Marketing Day
  • - Thursday - Business Day
  • - Friday - Growth Day

This program is designed to achieve an amazing amount of progress in a very short amount of time. Feedback from events around the world have shown this is only possible if your team can take actions and make decisions on the spot.

Keep reading to see if you meet the criteria.

Startup Requirements

  1. You are a fully committed founding team
  2. Your founding team consists of at least two roles (for example: CEO and CTO) - you do not need your entire team to attend, only decision makers, max attendees is 5 per team
  3. One of your attending team members must be a technical person or developer
  4. Attending team members are able to attend for the entire 5 days of event
  5. Shortlisted applicants are ready to complete a task
  6. You can make time for a short interview
Be prepared​
This is not your average accelerator. If you want to get out most of it, be prepared to:
  1. Be open (accept that you may need to make major change to your company or idea very quickly)
  2. Make decisions and be active (if we discover a white space, we'll ask to fill the gap right away)
  3. Know your customers (this will be crucial to the success of your startup)
  4. Rely on data (if you haven't done that, we will test your hypothesis and prove its validity through data - not assumptions)
Overall: Be prepared that we'll ask you tough questions, but be assured they are in your best interest, as our goal is your success.

This event is opened to Campus Community Members only. If you would like to participate, you can sign up for free using this website.  Already a member and having a problem with registration? Go to this website and fill the application to become a member once again.  Your profile will be updated, and that solves 99% of problems with registration to the event.

Campus Member Information

You need to be a member of Campus to participate in this program. If you're not already a member, visit to sign up for free!